Refreshing delicious salad you can eat as appetizer or as meal

I was going through one of my anger related episode of unsuccessful diet

God knows I tried everything the weight loss wouldn’t just kick in as much as I wanted it

And I opened my fridge saw leftover cucumbers, some fruits and I have a lot of ranch, honey mustard, mayo, sweet onion dressing etc.

At that time (last summer) I had no idea about what to do with those

I saw a ripped mango that was sitting in the fridge for days ,I was tired of eating lettuce veggies and I thought about making a fruit salad precisely mango cucumber salad

I honestly thought I’ve created a unique dish and I quickly googled to see if that dish even exist and I saw more recipes on mango cucumber salad

Everyone made it the way they like it

I made mine with ingredients I had On-Hand back in summer and I just mixed them and boom!

Over the months I perfected the recipe adding more touch to it

Today I am showing you how I make mine

Simple delicious refreshing you will absolutely love it

My special touch of spice is SAFFRON


saffron and OGO SEAWEEDOGO

Low in calories, one pound of red OGO seaweed contains about 45 calories. Providing three times the amount of potassium than bananas, red OGO seaweed is a good source of trace minerals. Studies show red OGO seaweed helps increase resistance to stress and fatigue. Mostly all sea vegetables are rich in iron, several minerals, calcium and potassium.

I love Saffron, I mean who doesn’t? I discovered this spice about 3 years ago

I went on a trip to a local Asian store and I saw it, I like to test new things I did some digging about Saffron I bought it later and ever since I always incorporate it in many of my dishes

I was looking for organic saffron which is rare to find at some store then I bought it online like other organic spices I use when I cook

I like organic spices because they are authentic they have nutrients they claim to have ,you can notice a difference in taste and you get full benefits

You can put Saffron in your stew, soups, salads,poultry, vegetables puree etc.

I discover OGO recently online I tried it after looking at some reviews and I love it, it gives a sweet and salty taste in salads, so far I love it in my salads

Most of the time when I go online I like to browse products I want to test before adopting them in my diet ,I have never had any allergy per say when I  purchase some brands of  spices online, my kids and my husband never had one also so I can say it is safe to consume for my family and if you ever want to try them out stick to my brand please and slowly incorporate them in your diet before adopting them completely

CAUTION: Always check for food allergy info before buying a product in store or online and call emergency if you have any food poisoning allergy symptom. I am not responsible for any misused of any product found in my recipe


  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1 mango
  • 3 Tablespoons of HONEY MUSTARD this one particularly is great to use in any dish,  I’ve found other honey mustard from the same brand way too sour and acid for me
  • 1/4 teaspoon of SAFFRON
  • 1/2 teaspoon OGO SEAWEED
  • A touch of love ♥


Clean thoroughly your cucumber and mango

Slice the cucumber lengthwise scoop the inside to get rid of the seeds,I just don’t like to bite in seeds when I eat veggies especially cucumber so I like my salad this way but you can skip this step about scooping the inside

Use 1/2 portion of the whole cucumber and slice it by your choice of slice (you can dice it,julienne it, brunoise it jardiniere it)

Here are some picture I have found on the internet20180130_151059-11004359577.jpg

screenshot of different type of slices,images may be subject to copyright

And dice the mango set aside

Dip the OGO in cold water just for 3 scds to shake off excess salt and tear to pieces with your hands so it does not form into a ball in your salad



Then add 1/4 tsp of SAFFRON and drizzle with 3 tablespoons of HONEY MUSTARD

Mix it and transfer to a Ziploc bag or cover and place it in the fridge for 4 hours or you  can just eat it right away!

Honey mustard will soak the fruits then release their natural juice in the bag creating a perfect marinade for this salad


Bon appetit!



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