Chaitanulke PANCAKES🥞🥞


and i want my amazing readers to wake up and make this delish as breakfast on thursday, yay!THANKSGIVING,for more infos about this special holiday in the US click on the link below i copied from google

Well,let me start by saying

this is one of the best breakfast created by “Man”

Delicious and fluffy if you make it right you will be eating this up to 2 times per week and save yourself a trip to the local restaurant

I call mine chaitanulke pancakes🥞

When i came in the US and ate this sweetness for the first time it was just so “simple and delicious”

Pancakes was eaten by Greek and Roman on pancake day according to history

I have been making pancakes for my family especially for my kids for quite some time now and everytime i make them it tastes different

From thick and hard to lumpy with raw flour you can see inside the cooked pancakes,i threw a lot away,so i did some researches and i came up with this unik recipe and if you are out there,i probably know you ate the best pancake in your life but I’m offering you a chance to choose and try my recipe

The reason why i added new ingredients is mostly for my kids

I want them to have all the nutrients they need

So have you ever known about NIDO or PEAK?

Both are DRY WHOLE MILK with added vitamins.

The reason why i combined the two of them is to get maximum vitamins,and i’ve noticed it gives the pancakes creamy-like texture

Another secret ingredient is vinegar,i did some digging and learn that vinegar add volume to your pancake to make them even more fluffier.

I couldn’t believe vinegar in pancakes 🙄 but it is true

So here you are,finally meeting my PANCAKES

Follow carefully all the steps If you want to obtain the exact texture shown in my pictures


Let’s get started😊


Dry ingredients

Sift altogheter

  • 1 cup of ALL PURPOSE FLOUR (short form:APF) minus 1 Tbsp of APF it is important that you subtract 1 Tablespoon from 1 cup of APF,then add 1 Tbsp of corn starch
  • 4 Tbsps of CONFECTIONER SUGAR (if you don’t have one you can put sugar in blender and just blend it until it is flour-like texture)
  • 1 and 1/2 tsps of BAKING POWDER
  • 1 Tbsp of Nido POWDER
  • 1Tbsp of Peak POWDER set all aside

Wet ingredients

  • Add 2 Tbsps of SALTED BUTTER +(1/2 cup + 2 Tbsps) of HALF AND HALF or Milk (i cooked this numerous time and the half and half works best for me) to a mug and microwave for 30 scds only,let the butter melt and cool completely
  • 1 EGG


In a large bowl separate the egg yolk from the white,set the yolk aside

Whisk egg white with 1/4 tsp of distilled white vinegar,then add your half and half butter mixture

Stir until well blended

Incorporate dry ingredients to the mixture and slowly stir until well blended,this process takes 15 scds if you mix it correctly,i am no Chef and i just love to cook with passion

Once mixed you can add the egg yolk into the batter and slowly mix it




Let sit for 5 min

Meanwhile heat your pancake griddle on meduim low 300° F or your omelets pan,that works too

Grease the griddle or pan with butter and pour 1/4 cup of pancake batter, cook for 2min each side or until gloden brown

Serve with SYRUP or HONEY

I serve mine with HONEY

Here are brands i used to make this delicious meal (look carefully at the pancake picture😊)

These are the nutritional value in NIDO AND PEAK

Residents in the US you can message me where to find some items regular store don’t sell

I shop mostly at Costco

Bon appetit

4 thoughts on “Chaitanulke PANCAKES🥞🥞

  1. Readers are amazing people so thank you for recognizing your audience as such and also for giving us the chance to try out new pancake recipes….I mean who doesn’t love pancakes. In Ghana we usually eat them as snacks but not as main meal.
    Vinegar as an ingredient is quite surprising because I just head of it from reading your blog but i will try to add it and follow your recipe to achieve exactly what I see in the picture.
    I am still trying to pronounce your domain name correctly, I’m sure I will get there!
    Come to think of it, its been long since I consumed pancake and you just whet my appetite.
    Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Aba for the positive review you left ,as you know it well everybody loves PANCAKES so i decided to come up with this new recipe,i will be more than happy to see you making this,and yes if you follow exactly all the steps,you will obtain the exact texture volum and delicioussness 😄
      Thanks again for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

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