How to make original togolese fish sandwich 🔪

Sandwich,sandwich… not the american subway-style one but the “original togolese sandwich“,there are 2 types:beef and fish

Here is a little sneak peek of the fish sandwich i made few days ago

In Togo you can pre order batch of sandwiches for special occasion such as anniversary,wedding,graduation parties,funerals etc.

They deliver the “good stuff” at your door step or at the place you want it delivered,oh yeah!

I still have those memories and i love sharing memories,that is just the way i am.

Nobody ever wanted to give away the recipe of making this because you don’t want the entire population selling it of course.

Thankfully i have this sweet friend of mine,she is my mentor i can say.Thank you Solim A.

Today im posting this recipe because of her so i thought it will be nice to speak out her name,she knows herself😊

I am sure if you choose the right ingredients and don’t overcook it you will find yourself making this every month🤗

Note:this is no a fat free food it is very oily and it can soak your bread so i am doing the 50% less fat version of this sweetness, we’ve got to stay healthy right amazing readers?

So a yes it is!

Let’s go make some sandwich…


  1. 1/2 cup of cooking oil,i use KIRKLAND CANOLA OIL french:une demi tasse d’huile a friture.
  2. 1 cup of chopped onions french: une tasse d’oignon coupés
  3. 1 cup of chopped green bell pepper french: une tasse de poivron vert coupés
  4. 1 cup of chopped yellow pepper french: une tasse de poivron jaune coupés
  5. 1/2 cup of chopped red pepper. french: une demi tasse de poivron rouge coupés
  6. 1 cup of chopped carrots. french: une tasse de carotte coupées
  7. 3 garlic cloves chopped. french: 3 morceaux d’ail coupés
  8. 1 bouillon cube MAGGI CREVETTE french: 1 bouillon de cube
  9. 1 cup of chopped baked NORWAY MACKEREL for 2h french: une tasse de maquereau cuit au four pendant 2h Let me quickly show you how you can do it
  • You just need 1 of these (that is frozen norway mackerel) i was baking 2 for another purpose
  • So you brush them with oil and salt (brossez avec cette mixture) mix 1 Tbsp of oil (1 cuillère a cafe d’huile)and 1/4 tsp of salt (le quart d’une cuillère a thé de sel)

Cover with aluminium foil and bake for 2h at 375°F

Couvrez avec du papier aluminium et cuire au four à 190 degres Celsius pendant 2h de temps

Once baked let cool down completely for 1h and peel off the skin gut and filet the fish removing any hidden soft bones (they have a lot of those soft bones so please make sure you do that)

Pop them in a food processor or a blender and process for 30 scds only

and you have this

Click on the video to follow the steps

I hope you enjoy it

Prep time:15 min

Cooking time: 23 min

Add salt to your taste

Serve with toasted french bread it is delicious✔

Bon appetit!!

i have a cup of hot chocolate ready to drink with this sandwich.Miam🥖🍵

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